Look at the face of that bastard. Please send him back.

CBS NEWS: Illegal Immigrant Carlos Montano Charged with Killing Nun in Drunk Driving Crash

This headline is without any doubts amazing, shocking and stoning, but it does nothing but to only touch the surface of the real problem. Carlos Montano was driving under the influence of alcohol and crossed a median and crash a car carrying three nuns.

This man was arrested twice for the charges of DUI.

This terrible and sad accident drove the Attorney in General of Virginia to issue a legal opinion authorizing police to check the immigration status of anyone stopped for any reasons. In essence authorizing Virginia Law enforcement to do what Arizona officers do in some places.

According to CNN Montano was no only arrested for DUI but also under many other charges:

– Driving under the influence

– Speeding

– Public drunkenness

As we all know the right-wing will use this as an excuse to justify harder and more irrational laws against undocumented immigrants, but the true is that this incident should bring to discussion that there are really stupid undocumented immigrants like Montano that should be put in an airplane as soon as they are found guilty. It is also sad that Federal authorities are letting undocumented immigrants like Montano, who do have a police record, to be free until the day for their deportation arrives.

Lets no focus on things like, should immigrants being target of interrogation by police officers on every corner, but lest talk about what is going to be done, so undocumented immigrants with a criminal record can be identify and deported, and what is going to happen with all the undocumented immigrants that have done nothing but work, build and keep families together and have managed to keep a clean record.